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Efficient distribution can be achieved,Android/iOS models can automatically identify the app after scanning the QR code.Not only to provide you with 7*24 hours non-stop distribution of the test





Pgyer API 2.0

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No need to log in, Pgyer interface makes it easy for developers to upload and manage applications, and easy for distribution.

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Easy to manage uploads

Pgyer dedicated to providing developers with fast and simple application distribution platform, and to meet the different use scenarios of developers.

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Apply through the service provider to settle in And self-collection, currently has Collection of many high-quality developer services.

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Service reviews are based on real user review data and strict audits to help users understand the real situation of the service through reviews.

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The service covers almost all developer fields to ensure that when developers encounter any problems, they can find solutions through the platform.

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The platform provides one-to-one service consultation, which will help users to further understand the service matching situation.

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Pgyer provides products and services to more than 600 million users and 20 million applications over 221 countries and regions


To provide customers with expert online consulting and other full life cycle customized solutions


Pgyer has the service qualification of safety compliance, which meets the public expectation and is strict with itself

Data security and control is our most important commitment to you

Obtain numerous safety certifications


Cloud disk data reliability is not less than 99.99%, automatic shutdown migration, automatic multi-line backup, safe and convenient data recovery


Data transmission and storage are strictly encrypted. High - defense server, Web firewall, anti - violence crack technology to ensure data security


Data is permanently preserved without loss, providing complete storage and security solutions for business development in a sustainable way, and recovering in time when problems occur

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In July, Pgyer was established as an independent company, focusing on the test field of distribution business.


In September, Pgyer obtained A series investment of ten million from Infinox Angel Fund and Innovation Valley.



In May, Tracup went online . Focus on creating the most concise and efficient Bug tracking system.


In December, anomaly monitoring platform FrontJS was launched



In November, Tracup Enterprise went online.


In June, Tracup supported the Time view (Gantt Chart) feature.



In May, the knowledge base management system——Seed and the code repository——CodeFever was launched.


In August, the privacy compliance testing and Pgyer Enterprise Service Open Platform was launched.

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Notice: 1. Pgyer makes every effort to combat and prevent Internet telecom fraud crimes in accordance with the law. It is strictly forbidden to upload financial loans, financial storage, and suspected Internet telecom fraud. "Pgyer Application Review Rules". 2. In order to regulate the personal information collection behavior of mobile Internet applications (App), Pgyer developers are requested to consciously abide by "Common Types Provisions on the Scope of Necessary Personal Information for Mobile Internet Applications", apps that seriously violate this provision will be deleted.